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The Rose Foundation is a domestic violence charitable organization, formed for
the purpose of domestic violence prevention. We at RF believe that domestic
violence is preventable. Domestic violence is not an inevitable human condition.
It is a choice based on values of a belief system. Perpetrators of abuse can choose
not to harm others and victims can be kept out of harm’s way.

In addition we also do intervention services, in the form of initial
counseling, making referrals and donating food stuffs and clothes to victims
of domestic violence.

Each year, domestic violence results in loss of life, non-fatal injuries, lifelong
debilitation, a huge cost in annual health expenditures and loss of billions of
shillings to our national economy through loss of incomes and investments. In
addition, the grief and anguish that domestic violence brings, cannot be measured.

The impact of domestic violence is overt. Yet, domestic violence remains largely
hidden where families, culture and society create enviroments that foster domestic
violence. Domestic violence is often refered to as the silent epidemic.