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It affects individuals
It affects the society
It affects the economy


We at the Rose Foundation believe domestic violence is preventable.
Therefore, our vision is to see that domestic violence is eradicated.


The Rose Foundation’s mission is to prevent domestic before it occurs, by
using the public health approach of primary prevention, thus reducing first
time victimization or perpetration.

Our Core Values

  1.  Dignity for All: Domestic violence dehumanizes victims and robs them
    of their God-given right to a life of dignity.
  2. Safety first : The sanctity of life means protection from violence for all.
  3. Equality: God created all human beings equal.
  4. Pro-Family: Prevention will help restore families and rebuild shattered
  5. Engaging Men: To win the fight against domestic violence, men must
    come on board.

The Rose Foundation is a domestic violence charitable organization, formed for
the purpose of domestic violence prevention. We at RF believe that domestic
violence is preventable. Domestic violence is not an inevitable human condition.
It is a choice based on values of a belief system. Perpetrators of abuse can choose
not to harm others and victims can be kept out of harm’s way.


We seek partnerships in and out of Kenya in offering meaningful solutions,
as we act locally and think globally. We can learn from the experiences of
others around the world, knowing that we need to protect the family unit in
order to conserve nations.